Telegram’s Premier Bot Suite, emulating the Kitsune of Japanese folklore. Just like these mythical foxes whose multiple tails indicate power and knowledge, the many utilities of the Kitsune Bot ecosystem represent its strength.

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The Bot Suite

Kitsune offers a seamless user experience for crypto-native Telegram groups interacting with the Solana blockchain, incorporating an advanced variety of both classic and innovative features to maximise accessibility and engagement.



Allows group administrators to initiate X/Twitter raids and is packaged with fun and practical chat commands. The Raid Bot is publicly available for everyone and is compatible with the R2E Bot


R2E Bot

Raid 2 Earn (R2E) is Kitsune’s bespoke reward mechanism and a key component in the $KIT ecosystem. Through the R2E Bot, users can create a Solana wallet in Telegram, link it with their X/Twitter account and receive token airdrops for engaging with Raid Bot tweets. Currently, R2E is exclusively available to Kitsune and its affiliates.



The Security Tail of Kitsune protects channels from unwanted bots and spam accounts, and is bundled with commands for chat moderation. Tengu is free and publicly available to everyone


AI Integration

At Kitsune we are a strong proponent of the use of AI and are currently developing several paradigms to be integrated with the Bot Suite.



Currently under development is a staking bot that will enable users to lock-up $KIT tokens directly through Telegram and be rewarded for their commitment to the long-term success of the project.

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