Kitsune is a Bot Suite designed for crypto-native Telegram channels, powered by the $KIT token. Kitsune’s are mythical foxes in Japanese folklore, notable for their multiple tails, the greater the number of tails, the greater the Kitsune’s strength and knowledge. The Bot Suite aims to emulate this myth through its multiplicity and versatility.

Kitsune launched the $KIT SPL token on March 8th 2024. $KIT is the utility token to the Kitsune ecosystem, with its primary use case being the reward for Raid 2 Earn (R2E) and will be a stakeable asset in the near future.

The team behind Kitsune intends to use revenue generated from R2E and advertisements to buy back $KIT from decentralised exchanges maintaining a healthy and sustainable ecosystem. More information about $KIT can be found under the Featured tab.

Regular updates can be found on the Kitsune Medium and Twitter accounts.


Kitsune serves as a platform for projects to advertise, utilizing the proceeds to benefit the community through buybacks. These buybacks inject liquidity into the ecosystem, fostering growth and stability.

Users who stake $KIT tokens stand to gain a percentage of the redistributed tokens, incentivizing community engagement and participation. This incentivized participation and growth within the ecosystem model relies on the active involvement of the community to ensure the sustainability and vitality of the ecosystem.

By channeling proceeds back into the community, Kitsune establishes a self-sustaining cycle where community engagement directly impacts the platform's success.

The model is carefully crafted with multiple access points and deflationary mechanisms to maintain a healthy and diverse ecosystem. This approach aims to create a dynamic and thriving community where users are incentivized to contribute and participate actively in the growth of Kitsune's ecosystem.